Top 5 Songs From Musicals

Sometimes BOB likes to change things up and decides to let us do a blog post. Well, it’s usually Mandy doing them. Now, I am not always a fan of musicals, especially tv shows that decide to do a “special”musical episode. But there are some movie musicals I actually dig. So here are my Top 5 picks for songs from musicals! Let us know how we did on Twitter @bobeatspod and if you have any faves we missed. #BOBLife 

Rent – La Vie Boheme

Now most people would choose Seasons of Love from Rent. But me, I really like La Vie Boheme and think it captures the spirit of the movie. Honestly though, I like almost all the songs in it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp

I love horror movies. And I love fun songs. So of course I love Rocky Horror. And Time Warp is a classic.

Phantom Of The Opera – Theme Song

Although Phantom is a stage musical mainly (so are most of these), there have been a few movie versions. And I always loved it. I had the cassette tapes (old school) and listened to them a lot as a kid. And I still love it.

Annie – Hard Knock Life

As a kid of the 80s, I grew up watching the 80s movie version of Annie. And I still love it.

Newsies – King Of New York

I was obsessed with Newsies as a kid. I wore out my VHS tape on this song. And I still know all the words.


So while these may not be the main stream picks for musical songs, these are 5 I really enjoy.