Top 5 School Movie Songs

It’s back to school time! So here are my Top 5 picks for songs from school movies. Let us know how we did on Twitter @bobeatspod and if you have any faves we missed. #BOBLife 

Gangsta’s Paradise – Dangerous Minds

Oh Coolio. He made such a catchy song, that even if you haven’t seen the movie, you know the song. The movie was a gritty drama about teaching at risk youth, and it was really good.

Kiss Me – She’s All That

90s teen movies are so great. And She’s All That is full of teen romance drama cliches, but still a great movie.

Tainted Love – Not Another Teen Movie

I love cover songs. And parodies. And Not Another Teen Movie is a hilarious parody of teen movies, from the 80s to the 2000s. And the version of Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson in the movie is extra great.

Baba O’Riley – Slackers

Slackers is a fave movie of mine. It’s go classic lines and great humour. And the opening with Baba O’Riley playing sets the tone of the whole movie.

You’re The One That I Want – Grease

Can’t talk music from school related movies without including Grease. It’s a classic and has so many great songs, but I chose to go with the closing tune because I wanted to.


There are lots of songs from school related movies, so if you think I missed a good one, hit us up.