Important Show Updates

Box Office Beats is going to be taking some time off and then going thru some changes.

First, let us say how much fun BOB has been over the last year. It was a show born from a mutual love of movies and music, and grew from that passion into it’s own beast. BOB took over. And working on anything BOB related was always a good time. Mandy always said working on BOB stuff made her heart happy. But things are constantly evolving. Life changes and people’s situations change. And sometimes there just isn’t room for a big green furry popcorn monster.

So the show will likely be closing it’s curtain. Between Fear being busy with his life, and Mandy being busy with hers, it’s just not something that will be able to be continued in the current form.

But BOB isn’t fully going away. There will be some restructuring behind the scenes, and BOB will reopen the curtain soon with a new path.

And all the episodes will remain up and available for anyone who still wants to listen. And we hope you all stick around to see what the future for BOB holds.