Halloween Movie Songs 3

OOOOOOO It’s time for more Halloween movie songs! Part 3.

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Hip To Be Square

Again, another great use of a song that doesn’t fit the scene, but still adds a lasting effect to it. Used in American Psycho. So not how you would expect it.

Red Right Hand

Scream is still one of my fave horror movies and it’s got a great soundtrack.

Pet Sematary

I love when songs are written for a movie. This is a great one from The Ramones for the classic Stephen King movie Pet Sematary.

He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)

Gotta love an Alice Cooper song about Jason Voorhees.

Dream Warriors

I’m a Freddy girl at heart, so of course I had to include a song from one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.


There are more spooky songs coming soon!