Halloween Movie Songs 2

We’re back for our second list of Halloween movie songs.

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Sympathy For The Devil

Another great song, and this time it’s a cover of it. Made even more iconic by it’s use in a horror movie, this time being Interview With The Vampire.


Freebird is one of my fave songs. And it’s use in The Devil’s Rejects was a fitting in a great scene.

Sweet Dreams

I love cover songs, and this cover of Sweet Dreams is perfect. And it’s use in House on Haunted Hill was just as perfect.

Tiptoe Thru The Tulips

I am a big fan of using a seemingly happy or upbeat song in a creepy way. Insidious does that with the scene with Tiptoe Thru The Tulips.

The Man Comes Around

I love a good movie opening with an iconic song, and the 2004 Dawn Of The Dead had that with some Johnny Cash.


There are more spooky songs coming soon!